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Best of 2020
Sfumature - excerpt 1
Sfumature - excerpt 2
Sfumature - excerpt 3
Sfumature - excerpt 4
Sfumature - excerpt 5
Best of 2020

Fulvio Maras, Alfredo Posillipo, Luca Proietti

Sfumature (colour LP)

Label: Archeo Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


** White vinyl, edition of 100 copies. 180 grams LP **. Since their launch back in 2015, Florence based been issuing quiet waves into the reissue market. Working slowly, with eye for quality over quantity, they’ve brought forth a wild mix of albums which unquestionably fall into the category of overlooked and neglected holy grails from the Italian underground.  Now Archeo is back with another stunner - a true gem of Italian, minimal, organic jazz and ambient music -  Sfumature’s, originally self released in 1992  by Italian percussionist Fulvio Maran together with Alfredo Posillipo and Luca Proietti - until now never  reissued. Like everything they do, Archeo has taken it the next level, expanding this edition with a previous unreleased work. Almost entirely overlooked for nearly 30 years, Sfumature is sure leave listeners reeling and take 2020 by storm.

Cat. number: AR019
Year: 2020

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