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Joan La Barbara


Label: New World Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

ShamanSong (1991, rev. 1998) is a concert suite comprised of selected excerpts from a film score. "Plaintive descending chords of soft hammers striking an ancient Balinese gamelan instrument, tar and dumbek, shakuhachi, music box tines, rainstick and African rattles all are blended with sighs and whispers, lamentations and ululations, calls, cries, lullabies and vocal winds to weave a strange mystery." Inspired by the Rothko Chapel in Houston, "ROTHKO (1986) is a series of sound paintings designed to reflect the mood, texture and emotion of Mark Rothko’s final paintings for this very special chapel—dark, intense, but with an inner light and moving figures that are sometimes heard, sometimes hidden." Calligraphy II/Shadows (1995), for voice and Chinese instruments, exploits to bewitching effect the delicate and haunting sonorities of the indigenous instruments in this graceful and stately tone poem.
Cat. number: 80545
Year: 1998

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