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Shortwave Radio Recordings On MiniDisc - Excerpt 1
Shortwave Radio Recordings On MiniDisc - Excerpt 2

Jim Haynes

Shortwave Radio Recordings On MiniDisc (Tape)

Label: The Tapeworm

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

One for lovers of the Conet project, Jim Haynes with a set of often bizarre shortwave recordings including Soviet-era Buzzer signals, a Romanian language lesson, Morse code transmission, a WWCR / Alex Jones broadcast, Radio Damascus and a conspiracy theorist speaking about fluoride and water fluorination. Totally our kinda shit.

"I acquired my first shortwave radio back in 1998 or 1999. Living in San Francisco at that time, I found a wealth of signals being broadcast from across the Pacific towards the US. This was before cellphones became ubiquitous, so the radio spectrum was relatively free of interference, even living in a city. I quickly found that when I got out of any urban environment, I could receive more signals and with better clarity. So with every opportunity for travel, I took a shortwave. By 2000, I had upgraded by then to a smaller Grundig portable with a wind-up antenna and a MiniDisc recorder in tow. I held out acquiring a flash-drive digital recorded until the summer of 2012, with the technology of the MiniDisc already obsolete by then. This collection represents some of the more interesting finds from that collection of MiniDisc recordings." – Jim Haynes

Cat. number: TTW137
Year: 2020

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