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Solens Arc - 1
Solens Arc - 2
Solens Arc - 3

Kangding Ray

Solens Arc (2 LP)

Label: Raster

Format: 2 LP

Genre: Electronic

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Limited Edition Double Vinyl. Solens Arc wss Kangding Ray’s 4th album on raster-noton, issued in 2014. "Stone thrown, just to watch it fly. a projectile launched for the sole purpose of drawing a ballistic trajectory in the sky. the solens arc is what remains after the subtraction of the goal; a simple parabolic curve defined by gravity, impulse and starting angle. no target to hit, no catharsis to wait for, just the beauty of the flight. solens arc is kangding ray’s fourth album on raster-noton and the follow-up to his the pentaki slopes ep. taking the arc as the purpose, the twelve songs of the record are arranged/ presented in the form of four variations, constructed from disintegrated melodic textures and dismantled beats. the specific arrangement is also expressed in the positioning of the tracks on the record itself, reserving one side of the double lp for three tracks each. the single sequences are assembled seamlessly into dense, evolving compositions, while keeping their autonomy, and their role in the global dramaturgy. pointillist serial loops morph into abrasive rave anthems, broken club rhythms are refitted into uneven patterns, like deconstructivist sound architectures. industrial techno stompers dissolve into granular sound waves and filtered space pads, before being overtaken by cinematic drums and rising arpeggios. "

Cat. number: r-n154-2
Year: 2021

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