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Something for Someone - Excerpt

Black Savage

Something for Someone (LP)

Label: Afro7 Records

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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Fantastic new compilation of the Kenyan Afro-Rock group Black Savage, 9 tracks taken from one extremely rare LP and two singles 1975-78. The Black Savage band came out of the Duke of York school in Nairobi, the group had prominent members like renowned world musician Job Seda (Ayub Ogada) they released one album on EMI East Africa in 1975 and three others singles, two in 76 and 78, and one in the early 80s. This LP (CD inside the jacket) is a compilation with half of the album and two of the singles. The music is somewhat rock hybrid with politically fueled lyrics and funky undertones and even folkloric at times, drawing influences from Deep Purple, Pink Floyd to Mandrill and Ohio Players! (Afro7) Comes with insert, digital download and CD of the album with bonus track 'Fire'.

Cat. number: AFRLP.03
Year: 2018