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Bradford Bailey, Eric Namour, François J. Bonnet

Sound Before Meaning

Label: El Nicho

Format: Book

Genre: Sound Art

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This booklet is an attempt to employ incidental movements that are often overlooked or ignored, those winding conversations that inevitably occur between friends who share a passion for a common theme. Over the course of nearly a year, this conversation blossomed out of friendship among the participants. The three of us worked in different fields approaching avant-garde and experimental practice. Therefore, we believe that sharing aspects of these experiences and the conclusions they draw could serve members of our community - present or future - as well as activate an entry point for new participants. We hope that the initial seeds of this effort - friendship, community, love of sound and challenging music with all the beauty and potential they have - will be retained as the central force throughout these pages. Each grew out of joy, camaraderie and listening as well as focused thinking.
Contributors: Bradford Bailey, Francois Bonnet, Eric Namour

Sound before meaning El Nicho

Cat. number: 978-607-98419-2-8
Year: 2019
English Edition. 55 pp.

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