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Phill Niblock

Sound Collages (Art Book + CD)

Label: Koo Editions

Format: Book + CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

* 200 copies, Limited and Numbered Edition * Insert: Leporello booklet that includes 7 selected images from the exhibition "Working photos" at Fridman Gallery NYC (2019) and a personal Phill Niblock story that celebrates his 60 years career.   Selected tracks and images from the exhibition “Working photos” at Fridman Gallery, NYC (2019), specifically in reference to the black and white photo and video series 'Light Patterns', here represented  in a 10-page booklet by 7 selected pictures and an exclusive retrospective story by the author related to memory and place. The tracks include aquatic elements, crickets, bells and other stories from the Greek islands, Belgium, the Danube and the Rhine Delta in a real life experience that comes back to mind as a fluid sensation. This work released in CD celebrates the artist's personal history, recounting episodes from his personal life, from the purchase of his first tape recorder in 1953, to his nocturnal activity as a DJ in the radio station during his military service, to the beginning of his musical career in 1968. A journey through magnetic tapes, through what today would be called "sound art", the transition to digital processing, up to this celebratory adventure developed at a distance together with Giovanni De Donà of Koo Ed. during the pandemic isolation.  

This project is not only about the canonic digital edition in CD, digipak with booklet, of material selected by the artist from an art exhibition. “Sound Collages” introduces in fact a conceptual experimentation in the mode of edition, dividing itself into two different  proposals. The second proposal concerns in a very limited and collectible series, which involves the combined release of 5 vinyls carved by a lathe, the old and dear analogue media with its craftsmanship, each accompanied by an NFT, the new immaterial format able to carries authenticated unique or limited serial content, containing in this case the images and text of the booklet, proposing an exclusive cross media viewing-listening experience: an hybrid limited collection based on the vinyl+NFT combination. We are here facing the main awareness of the fact that the NFT represents the return of the aura of the artwork, as understood according to Benjamin, given by the unprecedented possibility of the authenticated uniqueness of a digital file, which magically returns to being "the original", and in this case also witness and proof of the existence and originality of the contents imprinted on perishable material supports. 

Beyond the current speculation implemented through objects of doubtful historical and cultural value transposed in NFT, one can understand this relatively new decentralised digital technology, the so called blockchain, as a means of preserving certified content through the creation of  Not Fungible Tokens, the so called NFTs,  revolutionary archival tools that can empower the author and his control over his work, both in a popular and archival sense.  The collectible NFT is a new object curated and proposed by Koo Editions that will stand alongside the physical media with the intention of establishing originality through authentication, pursuing preservation, exploring the possibilities of circulation of curated items in a long-term perspective, following the independent spirit and audacity of the label, which continues in small steps towards the unknown. 

Cat. number: KOO 03
Year: 2021

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