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Phill Niblock

G2, 44+/x2

Label: Moikai

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"Yep, in this day and age, there's money in this minimalism thing. Which is nice for a fellow like Phill Niblock, a man who's been out in the field for over thirty years. While some may be happy to dabble in approximate music, or that only hinted at in whispered tones by those who still subscribe to the idea of the 'tonal auteur,' Phill Niblock makes the very stuff around which this particular world of music revolves. Thusly (and finally and thankfully), a finished record, to add to the handful of other Phill Niblock releases available today. Guitar too for four, you say? Indeed. Phill Niblock has assembled here a full roster of 6 stringers, and that means simply, a lot of guitar players. The project started some time ago, when the original recordings were made by Phill and Robert Poss. These were then made into a 'version' (like a dub record -- dig the crossover appeal!) by Portuguese man about town Rafael Toral. A new 'street-level' version was made in New York, with more chaos provided by Alan Licht, Kevin Drumm, Lee Ranaldo, and Thurston Moore. All of these folks have performed the piece live, and brought the 'vibe' into the studio. The whole thing was overseen by Phil and Moikai head honcho Jim O'Rourke. The disc features both versions of the 32-minute missive."

Cat. number: M 12
Year: 2002

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