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Label: Spoon Records

Format: CD

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"Malcolm Mooney passes the baton to Damo Suzuki for Soundtracks, a collection of film music featuring contributions from both vocalists. The dichotomy between the two singers is readily apparent: Suzuki's odd, strangulated vocals fit far more comfortably into the group's increasingly intricate and subtle sound, allowing for greater variation than that allowed by Mooney's stream-of-consciousness discourse." -- Jason Ankeny

Cat. number: CDSPOON5
Year: 2007

"Can Soundtracks" means a selection of title songs and soundtracks from the last five movies for which The Can wrote the music. (from the sleeve)

Reissue of the original Liberty/ UA release from 1970.

Recorded at Schloß Nörvenich 1970.

A selection of title songs and soundtracks from five movies for which Can wrote the music:
Tracks 1 to 3 from the movie "Deadlock" by Roland Klick (recorded August 1970).
Track 4 from the movie "Cream" by Leonidas Capitanos (recorded June 1970).
Track 5 from the movie "Mädchen mit Gewalt" by Roger Fritz (recorded December 1969).
Track 6 from the movie "Deep End" by Jercy Skolimovsky (recorded July 1970).
Track 7 from the movie "Bottom" by Thomas Schamoni (recorded November 1969).

Includes 8-page booklet with b&w photographs of Can.