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Star Jaws

Label: Lovely Music

Format: CD

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Digitally remastered reissue of an old Lovely Music LP from 1978. Peter Gordon and 'Blue' Gene Tyranny are long-time Lovely Music stalwarts, having contributed their talents to many a LML release: Peter Gordon has acted as producer for a few early Robert Ashley recordings; 'Blue' Gene Tyranny is Robert Ashley's go-to pianist. Gordon and Tyranny have also collaborated in Gordon's Love of Life Orchestra (aka LOLO) and on Jill Kroesen's Stop Vicious Cycles. So, it's only fitting that when we dug into our vaults to give some classic Lovely LPs a new lease on life, we decided to release these three en masse. Star Jaws is a panoply of art-pop, '60s folk revival, and '70s funk; an amalgam of downtown minimalism, new-wave synthesizers, and soulful sax solos; a musical snapshot of late '70s New York City.
Cat. number: LCD 1031
Year: 2008