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Label: Shelter Press

Format: LP

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rossing small sound science from Milan’s Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti, aka Bellows, one of our favourite production units now marking up another mesmerising addition to their frayed, knotty microcosmos of sounds following on from LP's for our own Boomkat Editions as well as the Latency, Senufo and Planam labels.

The thing that marks Bellows apart from many of their academic peers is their interest in bass dynamics. Theirs is a careful study of rhythmic and low-end propulsion at an almost atomic level, something which elicits a kinetic, physical response which perhaps stands them alongside some of Carsten Nicolai’s more dynamic productions, as well as Raster founding mate Frank Bretschneider at his minimal best.

‘Strand’ is, however, something of a departure for the duo; the palette has been broadened via tapes, modular synthesizers, effects and samples to encapsulate a more fluid notion, from the almost Caretaker-esque fairground memory on Untitled #5 to the African stutter of Untitled #2. But its perhaps on Untitled #6 that they hit hardest, perforating a single, almighty bass thump with slivers of slippery found sounds and bass pulses - the archetypal Bellows blueprint, taken to its logical conclusion.

Ielasi and Ratti have got their fingers farther into the fissures of their very precise productions, allowing them to crack, sprout and bifurcate into floating gasps as dense and elusive as a gremlin vape chug. It’s a sound to get properly snagged on, revealing hidden depths to its asymmetric bass geometries with each new listen.

Huge Recommendation if you're into anything from classic Raster Noton to Ilpo Väisänen to Actress...

Cat. number: SP080
Year: 2017
Genre: Electronic