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Ira Cohen

The Bearded Iris

Label: Sloow Tapes

Format: TAPE

Genre: Sound Art

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This is the last recording of Ira Cohen (1935-2011) reading at his New York apartment, made by poet, friend and collaborator Louise Landes Levi who was staying with him at the time. A very intense reading spanning his early work Poems from the Cosmic Crypt up to his last collection Everything You Say May Be Hold Against You . Cohen s visionary surrealist poetry transforms Asian shamanism, the Sufi poetry of Rumi, Cendrars' great travelogues and Lorca's duende into multi-dimensional phantasmagorical incantations. Jack Micheline called him Allen Ginsberg on stilts . His written work is as ecstatic intoxicating as his legendary mylar photographs and classic The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda movie from the sixties. Includes insert. 100 copies

Cat. number: CS 45
Year: 2012