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The Best of Gabor Szabo - excerpt 1
The Best of Gabor Szabo - excerpt 2
The Best of Gabor Szabo - excerpt 3
The Best of Gabor Szabo - excerpt 4
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Gabor Szabo

The Best of Gabor Szabo (Colour LP)

Label: Modern Harmonic

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

In stock

**Red vinyl, gatefold sleeve** Exotic jazz guitar mastery! Gabor Szabo’s singular style and authentic sound is on full display across a set of originals and choice covers highlighted by unusual instrumentation and ingenious arrangements. From the sitar-starring adaptation of Paint It Black to the Latin rhythms and bossa nova beats, Szabo’s savvy jazz guitar innovations shine throughout.

"Gabor Szabo was one of the most original guitarists to emerge in the 1960s; mixing his Hungarian folk music heritage with a deep love of jazz and crafting a distinctive, largely self-taught sound." - Doug Payne (

Collected from the jazz guitar guru’s mid-‘60s output, this first ever reissue of The Best of Gabor Szabo exhibits his trademark transformations of fashionable hits of the time and also represents his enchanting original compositions.

Pressed on red virgin vinyl, comes in a stunning recreation of the original gatefold jacket with a high gloss finish! Mastered by Bob Irwin, cut by Kevin Gray, and pressed at RTI for optimum aural pleasure!
Cat. number: MH-8006
Year: 2019

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