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The Kathmandu Sessions

Label: Captain Trip Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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To a small circle of psychedelic music fans, the re-discovery of native Israeli, Danny Ben- Israel's sole, privately released album, Chantarish 3, a few years ago was nothing short of a revelation. Despite having been sung in his native Hebrew, there was no getting away from the blissfully fuzzed out guitars and a voice that belted out resistant words like some mad cantorial singer. Now, after 35 years, Danny Ben Israel's much talked about Katmandu Sessions produced for a Western audience and recorded in Tel Aviv and Austria between globetrotting stints around Europe finally sees the light of day. The seven tracks that make up the Kathmandu Sessions are nothing short if not completely over the top -- both of its time and prophetic (take the line, for instance, 'the hippies of today are the assholes of tomorrow'). Every tune is delivered with that rare combination of wisdom and wonder, sung in a joyous English that brings together Tim Buckley's melancholic operatics with the lunatic vocal escapades of Mick Farren (of Deviants fame) making this easily one of the true revelations for the 21st century
Cat. number: CT 497CD
Year: 2009

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