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Trip Flip Out Meditation

First ever CD reissue of one of the most extreme Krautrock-era albums ever made. Originally released by Philips Germany in 1970, the triple LP edition came in an elaborate 'mirror' sleeve and has been near-impossible to find for 35+ years; there have been a handful of suggested reissues over the years, but finally Captain Trip has brought it to fruition, in collaboration with founding member Suzanne Doucet. Incredible fold out packaging emulates the original, with front embossing and silver-foil printing on the quadruple fold-out jacket. Zweistein were a trio of Jacques Dorian, Suzanne Doucet and Diane Doucet. This perfectly done reissue (including 2 bonus tracks from their single at the end of disc 3) is heavily anticipated. "Musically, Trip, Flip Out, Meditation is largely a sound collage containing massive amounts of studio effects wizardry. Listeners are bombarded with an hour and forty-six minutes (106 minutes) worth of effects-laden voices, natural sounds, electronic effects, organ, guitar, drums and other instruments. The side-long compositions are virtually strewn together avant-garde improvisations in which anything goes. It is this fact which acts as a catch 22 and splits the Krautrock fan base into two factions. First there are those who hail the album as a masterpiece due to its avant-garde nature, wild approach, and inherent reference to a drug trip. Then there are those who pass the album off as a complete timewaster due to its evident amateur musicianship, lack of direction and avant-garde nature." --Doug Brotherton
Cat. number: CT 583/85CD
Year: 2008

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