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File under: OrganicAmbient

36, Awakened Souls

The Other Side of Darkness (2LP)

Label: Past Inside the Present

Format: 2LP

Genre: Electronic

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This intriguing and predictably atmospheric album is the first collaborative full-length from experienced modern ambient producer Dennis Huddleston AKA 36, and Los Angeles duo Awakened Souls, whose full-length hook-up with Pepo Galan, Palettes, received plenty of praise last year.

Between them the trio have conjured up a hugely evocative and emotion-rich collection of cuts, where heart-aching, slow-motion guitar laments stretch out across swelling synthesizer chords, meditative pads, distant-sounding vocal snippets, enveloping aural textures and soft-focus piano refrains.

It's a wonderfully meditative and picturesque set all told, and one that could well turn out to be one of the most essential ambient albums of 2021

File under: OrganicAmbient
Cat. number: PITP-V039
Year: 2021

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