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Trevor Wishart

The Vox Cycle


Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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"In 1980 I decided to write a cycle of 6 vocal pieces dealing with many different aspects of what it means to be ‘human’, and using the voice as the focus for this exploration. The new piece ‘VOX’, would begin with the sounds of the creation as suggested in various creation myths from around the world (VOX 1), and lead eventually to the disintegration of human society (VOX 4). In between these two poles, VOX2 would deal with contemplation of the natural world, and VOX3 with the excitement of intellectual exploration itself (through the use of increasingly elaborate rhythmical games). When I embarked on this project I had no idea that it would occupy me for the next 8 years! VOX is influenced by the imagery of the Shiva myth. The Nataraja, or Lord of the Cosmic Dance, a many-limbed figure dancing in a circle of fire, symbolises the cycle of destruction and recreation of the world. And VOX proceeds to a representation of the voice of Shiva (VOX5) and of Shiva’s dance (VOX6). The VOX pieces are amplified vocal quartets with or without tape accompaniment. The tape sounds are both musical accompaniment and an environment in which the vocalisation takes place. These sonic landscapes are not ‘photographic’ but landscapes of myth relating to our experience of the world. These sounds are organised musically, to complement the voices."

Cat. number: OTP904
Year: 2000