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Trevor Wishart



Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Master composer Trevor Wishart shapes recordings of the human voice into a majestic, sonic extravaganza. With satire, sympathy, and his extraordinary talent with sound, Wishart gives us an audio panorama of the world today through the voices of many different people, famous and unknown. You'll hear the voice of Margaret Thatcher as a political cartoon, a touching portrait of Princess Diana, the powerful resonance of Martin Luther King's well-known words, the crackly voice of Neil Armstrong, the zany musicality of Elvis Presley, the playful sounds of Wishart's young daughter's voice, and the touching story of an 80-year-old woman's dream. Tongues of Fire, the final work on the CD, is a masterpiece. It is a complex extended composition that explores the human condition through the transformation of the human voice. In a spectacular display of skill in performing audio transformations, Wishart bases a major work of sounds and textures on a few utterings. This disc is an important moment in the history of electronic music.

Cat. number: EMF CD 029
Year: 1977