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Time Profiles - excerpt 1
Time Profiles - excerpt 2
Time Profiles - excerpt 3
Time Profiles - excerpt 4


Time Profiles (2CD)

Label: Zora Records

Format: CDx2

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INERT/E is Lars Åkerlund (electronics) and Kasper T. Toeplitz (bass and electronics). After years of navigating in similar musical idioms - somewhere between noise, contemporary or “experimental” music – using traditional instruments as well as electronic or digital devices (Åkerlund used to be a classical guitarist, Toeplitz composed many orchestral or ensemble pieces), now they both make a large use of computers. They have worked with Dror Feiler and Zbigniew Karkowski, among others.

Åkerlund and Toeplitz met during the summer of 2013 in Paris, at the GRM studios to create the INERT/E project, made of an organic accumulation of complex structures, an architecture of an electronic nature, made of different temporalities, with apparently no causalities, and in very slow, almost static, evolution - an electronic ecosystem.

Cat. number: ZORA-INERTE2
Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic
File under: sound frequencies