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best of 2019
The Time Wasters - excerpt 1
The Time Wasters - excerpt 2
File under: Canterbury infused
best of 2019

Time Wasters

Time Wasters (LP)

Label: Golden Pavilion Records

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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2011 release. Originally released in 1978, in a private pressing of 200 copies. Canterbury style UK fragile folk with psych leanings. UK album recorded by a group of students at the Ingestre Hall Residential Arts Centre. The name of the band was actually a joke based on newspaper advertisements for musicians to join bands, which would sometimes end with "No time wasters"! So Greg Holt, the band's founder, called them "Time Wasters Only" and the generic name for any of the musicians in the group became "Time Wasters". Musically ranging from fragile and melodic folk with soul-jazz vibes, encompased in a psych-folk-rock with Canterbury signature. A lost album in the brink of a new era, echoing sounds of British progressive and psych-folk. Fully licensed reissue limited to 500 copies only

Cat. number: GP1013LP
Year: 2019

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