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Label: Golden Pavilion Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Centered around Philip K. Dick's writings, Telectu's debut album CTU - released in 1982 in Portugal through Valentim de carvalho, is still very much under the radar, probably for being so far ahead of its time. Considered by some to be at the vanguard of Art-Rock in Portugal, CTU is much more than this. It's the pinnacle of a new epiphany of sound that came together naturally when Jorge Lima Barreto (Anar Band) and Vítor Rua (GNR) met and decided to direct their creative minds towards an outspoken experimental project riveted in layers of sound mirroring an era of renewal, a true "nouvelle vague" that did for music something akin to what Fassbinder and Godard did for Cinema. CTU lives and vibrates in a hermetic world of it's own, where colours, sound and language slowly dissipate. Limited vinyl reissue fully licensed by Valentim de carvalho.

Cat. number: GPMUSIC11LP
Year: 2019

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