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Naoaki Miyamoto

Tone Redust


Format: CD digipack

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It's quite difficult to describe the music of Naoki Ishida's debut album correctly. There are a lot of spontaneous and “fortuitous” sounds from casual urban life in that music on the face of it. But it is impossible to be sure that these sounds are on the background of other elements or these sounds serve themselves as a background for something main…
There are also some naive and unaffected chords played on acoustic guitar as well as some clinking and iridescent synth waves & gentle drones. Generally speaking, any tunes, any beats. But, on the whole the structure and the nature of “Tone Redust” isn't the typical “ambient” free flow nor “pop” bars + beats grid. Perhaps, the compositions of Naoki Ishida in a manner are deconstructed “digital” folk ballads or scant fat-free jazz pieces. And one more important note: there's not a “ready for use” music, there's just an non-ambitious audio-situation where the music is growing in process of being. This is the fixation on the moment of spilling over from routine life into something more artificial and adventurous…In other hand, this unstable situation exists between classical, everlasting questions: to be (the next sound or note or every event) or not to be.
That album follows the traditions of aerial & environmental recordings of labels such Hapna or Lucky Kitchen. All music played & composed by Naoki Ishida with acoustic guitar, synth and field recordings. This is the very first release of artist from Japan on Quasi Pop.

Cat. number: qpop cd044
Year: 2009