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Naoaki Miyamoto


Label: Art Into Life

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Naoaki Miyamoto performs as part of the Nininkai duo with Youki Noseyama and he has had a long career, but his work remains very sparsely documented with just two solo releases on his own Marrakech Recordings label and one on Ftarri. "1995" is therefore a long-awaited release, his first in around eight years. He weaves together guitar feedback with extreme delicacy over the two tracks, providing a stunning document of his sensibility, polished and trained over long years of internal work.


Born in Tokyo in 1976. Begins solo guitar performances in 1997. In 2009, released a single-track 40 minute album, "Me no Tawamure" on the Ftarri label. His music uses floods of guitar feedback and extremely delicate particles of sound to directly stimulate the body and eardrums of the listener, creating tactile sensations akin to vertigo.

Cat. number: 022
Year: 2017

Strikingly simple packaging: CD is fixed to a sheet of thick cardboard and enclosed in a large envelope. Limited edition of 100.

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