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David Rosenboom

Roundup two

Label: Art Into Life

Format: CDx2 BOX

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Restocked. Since the mid-1060s, composer-performer David Rosenboom has developed unique circuitry and software for making musical models of the wondrous natural world come alive. Traversing the raucous and the sublime, Roundup Two presents live performances with vacuum tube analog computers, solid-state manifestations of chaos and harmony, musical interventions on political tunes, virtuoso performers interlinked with hybrid processing, and more. Roundup Two is an essential, historical document containing important examples from a sixteen-year period in this innovative artist's extraordinary, pioneering work. Acknowledgements and history : Several of these pieces appeared in an audio, cassette package released in 1987 by Slowscan editions, Ôs-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, titled Roundup, A Live electro-acoustic retrospective (1968-1984). For Roundup Two, all those pieces have been re-mastered from tapes in audio archives that were in various states of preservation. Several that were originally presented only in excerpts are now presented in complete, unedited versions, and other works not on the original Roundup have been added

ROUNDUP TWO Selected music with electro-acoustic landscapes (1968-1984). (2012). Includes: B.C.-A.D. (The Moon Landing) (1969), with Salvatore Martirano; Musical Intervention 1979; Four Soundings from Urboi (1968); Zones of Influence, Part I, The Winding of a Spring (1984); Music for Analog Computers (1968-1969); Musical Intervention 1982 and Trio II (1978), with Michael Byron and William Winant.

Cat. number: ail 001 cd
Year: 2014

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