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Anthony Braxton, David Rosenboom

Two Lines

Label: Lovely Music

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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1995 release. Two legendary composer/performers, David Rosenboom and Anthony Braxton, join forces on Two Lines to unite composition with improvisation, "new music" with "new jazz". Starting from David Rosenboom's notated score for Two Lines and his musical computer program, these musicians have achieved, to paraphrase Rosenboom, created a composition that is immediately heard. Duets with interactive HMSL software. Includes Rosenboom's Two Lines, plus compositions in collaboration with Braxton: Lineage, Enactment, Transfiguration, and Transference. Personnel: David Rosenboom - MIDI grand piano, HFG (Hierarchical Form Generator), responding sampled piano; Anthony Braxton - sopranino, soprano and alto saxophones, clarinet, flute.

Cat. number: LCD 3071
Year: 1995

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