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Too Many Miles: Complete Singles 90-95

Label: Dirter Promotions

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

In stock

This is the CD collection of all the long-unavailable Ramleh singles spanning the years 1990-1995, now reissued due to Ramleh's sprawling 6-page feature in The Wire (issue #305, July 2009). Ramleh's history goes back to the early '80s, when their brand of "power electronics" caused outrage, along with their contemporaries Whitehouse. Much has changed since then, and over the years, they developed a reputation as one of the leading exponents of UK "noise rock." Along with the likes of Skullflower, Splintered, etc., they made the genre their own, to much acclaim from not only the UK, but Europe and America as well. In fact, many of the singles compiled on this disc were U.S.-only releases by such labels as Sympathy For The Record Industry. The CD is packaged in the same style as many of the singles were, featuring artwork culled from former member Philip Best's personal collection. They continue to have a loyal fan base, and still perform (the current line-up is comprised of founding member Gary Mundy, bassist Anthony di Franco, drummer Martyn Watts), and a collection such as this will never not be in-demand. The songs on this compendium will cement Ramleh's reputation as geniuses in your memory, as they pretty much summoned, prefaced and heralded every crushing, free-form, feedback-worshipping, extreme noise/avant-rock moment that was to follow them.
Cat. number: DPROMCD 48
Year: 2000
Pressing of 1000 copies. Tracks 1 & 4 originally released as a 7" on SFTRI, 1993. Tracks 2 & 9 originally released as a 7" on Shock, 1991. Tracks 3 & 5 originally released as a 7" on Format Supremacy, 1994. Tracks 6 & 12 originally released as a 7" on Dying Earth, 1992. Tracks 7 & 11 originally released as a 7" on SFTRI, 1995. Tracks 8 & 10 originally released as a 7" on Dying Earth, 1993.

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