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Pain Jerk

Surreal Grind

Label: Alku

Format: TAPE

Genre: Noise

Out of stock

Side A of this tape contains a sample which made the duplication process more challenging than usual. Here is an excerpt of the email we got from the first factory we tried: the audio department is working on your project today and they have come across a copyright issue. From the beginning of side A to about 08:16 and again at 32:54 there is a sample taken from P*** F****’s “M***y”. We cannot duplicate that material. Let me know if you want to submit new audio or how you would like to proceed.

Cat. number: ALKU 121
Year: 2015

Side A: Composed with a MacBook and a couple of devices.
Side B: Composed with an EMS Synthi and a couple of devices.

Recorded in my room, 6-5-13.

No Overdubs, No Edits.

Black cassette with onbody silver print. No cover. Limited to an undisclosed number of copies.