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Something Inflatable

Label: Alku

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

EVOL pay tribute to Rotterdam Termination Source's gabber classic 'Poing' (1992) on 'Something Inflatable'. Notorious as one of the most annoying and hilarious International '90s chart busters, 'Poing' is and was a fairly radical, if knuckle-headed, bit of dancefloor lunacy, and therefore in key with EVOL's "hooligan computer music aesthetic." Their 30 minute tribute of sorts contains no samples but does feature a load of demented squelches, boingy kicks and "dyschronometric gabber". This is a killer DJ tool if Russell Haswell is your Ron Hardy, or recommended as a guaranteed post-party living room clearer.

Cat. number: ALKU 129
Year: 2015

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