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Ideal Acid (Lp)

Label: Ideal Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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No hype, this record is the maddest belter you’ll hear this year. A rinse thru three hundred and three acid cherries pitted and sequenced, tweak for tweak, into the only rave weapon you’ll ever need. Taking Evol's obsession with Roland’s squelchy grey box to an ultimate, logical conclusion that leaves dancefloors turned utterly inside out and begging for track ID’s, it’s the kind of idea that has been floated in raves, smoking areas and afterparties for the past 20 years but has never been executed with such precise method and inexorable effect, until now.

Taking way too many classics to mention, EVOL modulate a cascade of liquified riffs that last anywhere between 1 beat and a few bars before shifting to the next pattern, and so forth. The cumulative effect of elastic undulation is mind-bending and body-jacking in the extreme, yet uncompromisingly crafted at the immediate service of the rave.

It feels as though much of EVOL’s practice to date, from mixes for FACT and Reel Torque, to their experimental objets for Alku and blasts for Presto!?, Diagonal and BUS have been leading to this point: the ultimate acid rave tool.
Cat. number: iDEAl303
Year: 2018

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