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Rara Avis

Label: Alku

Format: Book + Tape

Genre: Electronic

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EVOL's Alku imprint present a one of a kind new LP of bird noises produced on an array of autonomous synthesizers and composed by Oswald Berthold, Chris Brown, Anders Dahl, Joe Gilmore, Fredrik Olofsson, Tim Perkis, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros & Peter Worth.

Having been presented as a multichannel installation in 2011 (CosmoCaixa, Barcelona) and 2016 (Entzumen Behatokia, Donostia) Alku present a canary-yellow cassette edition of the Rara Avis project, clocking in at nearly 70 minutes in length and coming with a 64 page publication featuring essays and interviews with the artists involved.

At its core, it's a library record that has strong ties to the bendy acid of EVOL and their imprint, but it is also a fascinating document that showcases the true skills behind a synthesizer of Alku's core crew and their collaborators. A sort of techno radiophonic workshop that if you were to hear outside of the context of the release you would swear the sounds were the real thing.

  • Tweety-yellow cassette housed inside a yellow clear case
  • 64 page publication featuring essays and interviews with the artists
  • The booklet was offset printed on 120 gsm canary-yellow PopSet paper
  • Contains almost 70 minutes of recreated bird calls through autonomous synthesis systems
Cat. number: ALKU 99
Year: 2016

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