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The Scottish Rave Whistle & The Danish Homophobic Rave Recorders

Label: Alku

Format: white 7''

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Inspired by the current crop of very good rave music currently being produced by Lorenzo Senni and Evol, Goodiepal composed these two tracks and fired em over to EVOL to see the light of day on the duo's Alku imprint. Quick disclaimer - there is no audio for this release anywhere - we have been told told that the files got lost in a HD crash last week and there is no backup - so the only way to enjoy this glorious slab of wax is to stick it on your turntable and absorb the sounds that emerge from the speakers, a mixture of full on Goodiepal electronic mash/mesh of acidic bendy and wobbly rave choons that will be a buy on sight for fans of Leyland Kirby/VVM, Lorenzo Senni, EVOL and anyone plugged into the the Alku x Mego x Diagonal x Death Of Rave vibezzz. More acoustic shenanigans from the G-man. Tons of rave whistle action. Comes with a beautifully printed insert with loads of Goodiepal disinformation. Psy-donk!


Cat. number: ALKU 141
Year: 2016