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Beo bio

Label: Mixer

Format: mini-CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

GoodiePal is the Danish Kristian Vester, computerprogrammer for the world famous Lego-imperium, founded a long time ago by his grandfather. Relevant because this urge to program can be heard on 'beo bio'. 'beo bio' consists of 4 pieces, all coming from the same original, a track made years ago with the same name. Through different algo-rythms the work has been processed and arranged, without losing it's recognisability and character. Therefor it requires patience to discover the mostly minimal differences in these 4 pieces. A signature has been giving to every track by fragmenting and emphasising certain parts, keeping the 'upfront' tones the same in a hypnotising way, to experiment with the constructive function of the background tones. 'beo bio' is a silent piece, using pauzes and friction between tones to let them interact in ways which are not predictable and maybe even at random. On the other hand, algo-rythms don't write themselves. 'beo bio' is the second release in this mini-cd series, also limited.
Cat. number: MXmcd 2
Year: 2001