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Cédric PIGOT


Label: Mixer

Format: mini-CD

Genre: Electronic

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Cedric Pigot is a French installation - sound-artist, responsible for a wide range in soundtracks for performances, films and installations. His work on itself shows a very thick and layered wall of sound in which tiny but detailed happenings and transitions occur. You could call his sound rythmical because of repetitive elements, coming from short pulses and loops, popping and ticking up in the well-filled soup of noises. You could also call his sound soundscapish, because of the long stretched soundlayers, glueing the pieces together and giving ease to the thing but also vorming ground for new developments. This contradiction which doesn't sound like one, brings sharpness and dynamic in an overall atmospheric piece. '^' is a mini-cd release, limited to 400 copies.
Cat. number: mxmcd1
Year: 2001