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Label: Mixer

Format: Vynil 7

Genre: Electronic

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Wrikken is a collaboration between Dutchmen Joris van Perlo and Ivo Bol. Both having played in several punk and new age-bands, both being bored with those genres, both discovering the possibilities of electronic composition and processing...The combination of electronics and their former acoustic instruments, or rather the electronic re-interpretation of those, is like a red line through their work. Although not recognisable as such, the sound of wrikken is based on sampling and distillating their acoustic recordings, which are manipulated over and over. The result is a divers mix in sound and atmosphere. Becoming more known in the small Dutch world of experimental electronic music, this is their debut release, hopefully giving them more exposure outside of the Lowlands as well.
Cat. number: m7.03
Year: 2002