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Janek Schaefer

Location stories

Label: Mixer

Format: double Vynil 7

Genre: Experimental

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Janek Schaefer has gained a reputation when it comes to fieldrecording-based soundworks. Using his sonic surroundings, manipulated or not, Schaefer comes up with unique and intimate results. location stories is another collection of found-sound stories, that Stichting Mixer is proud of to release. A: Minneapolis Office Max Messages. A collage of the messages I found left on the display model of a mini digital dictaphone bought at a Branch of Office Max in Minneapolis. In a condensed period of time we get to hear many different cultures and stereotypes interacting with the technology uninterrupted by the presence of sales staff. The track concludes with a voice from my car radio, as I tested it in the car park outside, talking about innovation and technology. B: Field Recording. This is the unedited recording of a huge field of silent goats in the village of Villanueva de la Concepcion, south Spain. They were all wearing goat bells and didn't bleat once. The result is a random cacophony of bells. A very pure Ôfield recording' composition. C: Amazon Word Game [beginning] D: Amazon Word Game [ending]. A recording made in the heart of The Amazon Rain Forest, where a Brazilian guide, two English tourists and a German tourist, are lying in hammocks at dusk, in a camp made from palm leaves, playing a Ôword association' game. The language differences make an entertaining and intimate play of language in the middle of the ambient sounds of the virgin rainforest. Vijftiende Mixer Ð location stories' is a double 7' vinyl release in a first edition of 250 copies, now available.
Cat. number: M7.08/9
Year: 2006