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Beat del Panfilo (excerpt)
File under: GroovesPsychedelia

Sante Maria Romitelli

Top Sensation (7")

Label: Four Flies

Format: 7"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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From the original soundtrack of Top Sensation, also known as The Seducers. A late sixties erotic cult movie starring a young Edwige Fenech, along with Rosalba Neri, in a Freudian Eros and Thanatos driven drama, complete with corrupt bourgeois, and an exotic locale. Both ‘”Aldo and Ulla” and “Beat del Panfilo” are two prime examples of late 1960s shake compositions by Sante Maria Romitelli, one of Italy’s most underrated film music heroes who specialized in horror, thriller, and giallo. Hammond groove a go-go!
File under: GroovesPsychedelia
Cat. number: FLIES 45-14
Year: 2019

Edition of 400 copies

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