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best of 2015
best of 2015

Geoff Krozier & The Generator

Tranceformer (2LP)

Label: Finders Keepers Records

Format: LPx2

Genre: Electronic

In stock


A foundational piece of underground electronic music from Australia, which, remarkably, has not been available on vinyl since its original release almost 35 years ago: this double gatefold LP was in fact released on the independent Fission Chips label in 1980,combining the talents of Australia's first true electronic outfit (Rainbow Generator, founded in 1976) and Aussie and International artist Geoff Krozier (aka Jeff Crozier). "Finders Keepers really hit the crackpot, erm I mean jackpot this time! This is most excellent and a must have gem -- I promise you won't regret owning this glimpse of Krozier's weird and wonderful world... It took me two seconds to love this record" --Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre). Imagine a coven of Jodorowsky, Daevid Allen, Mr. Crowley, Rameses, and Arthur Brown, then combine them into a one-man mutant magician and add the finest Australian synth duo since Cybotron. Behold... Geoff Krozier and The Generator. This faithful reproduction of one of Australia's rarest synth-post-prog vinyl artifacts bequeaths the only recorded fruits of their precious magick, recorded months before Geoff Krozier's untimely death in 1981. Combining shamanic spoken-word with nodding kosmische instrumentation, this album is fueled by ARP, Roland, and Australian ETI synth technology and leaves fans of synthetic soundtracks, electronic experimentalism, and stubborn synthpop salivating for more (and more there is). Meet Geoff Krozier, collaborator with NY punk band Kongress, Sydney's official 1980 Magician of the Year, and "the high priest of exorcism-rock," and watch him and his trusty studio wizards provide fans of Bruce Haack and Doris White with one of the most absurd electronic private-press LPs to come from either end of the pointed planet, faithfully reproduced here. Welcome to the house of the sun.

Cat. number: FKR 081LP
Year: 2015

Official reissue of a record originally privately pressed and released in Australia in 1981.

Tracks on this album were selected from recordings of live shows and rehearsals conducted at Fission Chips studio between the dates of January 7th and 26th 1981, these being the last performances by the group prior to Geoffrey´s death. These tracks were originally recorded on a four-track TEAC and were subsequently transferred to an Otari eight-track, when they were overdubbed by David and Keith, and were then mixed and mastered at Fission Chips.

Dedicated to the memory of Geofrey Crozier 1947 - 1981

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