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Marc Behrens


Label: and/OAR

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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A journey to the Chinese Qinghai province (Tibetan culture region of Amdo) was commissioned by the Goethe-Institut China. Its purpose was to experience the province and to produce art works to be presented at The Third Guangzhou Triennial, subtitled 'Farewell to Post-Colonialism' in the same year. The sound installation Unit and a series of photographs called Cutting Qinghai resulted from this journey, during which I took photographs and made audio recordings. The installation was presented from September 6, 2008 to November 18, 2008. Unit consists of five pairs of floor-mounted frame drums and hanging loud speakers. The frame drums resonate, depending on the sound pressure level from the speakers, which hover a few centimeters above them. There are four sound elements (stones, crickets, cymbals and drums used in the 5-channel audio composition for this set-up, which were auto-selected and projected onto the frame drums according to an aleatoric script on a multi-channel DVD). CD packaging design by Ana Carvalho. Limited to 250 copies.
Cat. number: and/41
Year: 2012

This listing is for the regular CD edition (without the book titled Cutting Qinghai).


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