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Up From the Sewers

Label: Lion Production

Format: CD

In stock


A Chicago act was responsible for this underground album - sometimes referred to as Euphoria Blimp Works Presents Yama And The Karma Dusters Up From The Sewers, although Euphoria Blimp Works and Yama and The Karma Dusters were both alternate names for the group. An excellent album of varied musical styles, it includes high energy rockers (Revolution (not The Beatles song), CTA and the excellent Evolution, with its environmentally conscious lyrics). There are also folk-rockers (Don't Kill The Babies and Like To Make It Back To Puerto Rico) and folk ballads (I Want To Talk To You and Reflections), whilst Chicago blues get a nod and a wink on Kathleen. A strong Dylan influence is evident at times, particularly on Snow Bitch and some great honky tonk piano on Wouldn't It Be Funny. Berkman and Pollack had earlier played with The Knaves, a sixties folk-punk outfit, also from Chicago. 

Cat. number: lion636cd
Year: 2010
This rip is from a late '90s bootleg and has the same label name as the original (Manhole #1).