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John Lindberg, Anil Eraslan

Juggling Kukla (LP)

Label: NoBusiness Records


Genre: Jazz

In stock


Killer vinyl only release by John Lindberg and Anil Eraslan. Born of a mystical and astounding spontaneous sonic adventure in Istanbul during the summer of 2010, this cello and contrabass duet is dedicated to delivering journeys of unbridled spirit-driven musical messages directly immersed in–the-moment. Their message speaks straight to the soul of all the intrepid beings willing to take the invitation to viscerally experience this rollicking adventure of sound explosions and subtle sensibilities, ragged expressionism and multi-faceted surprises and shockers. All from the simple raw unfettered wood, strings, bow hairs, and flesh of Juggling Kukla.  These guys perform all out with everything they have—from ribald creativity to flat-out fun and beyond! Clear Eyes and Full Heart!

Cat. number: NBLP86
Year: 2015

Edition of 300 copies

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