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Vientos Eléctricos - excerpt 1
Vientos Eléctricos - excerpt 2
Vientos Eléctricos - excerpt 3
Vientos Eléctricos - excerpt 4

Mecánica Clásica

Vientos Eléctricos (LP)

Label: Abstrakce Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**300 copies** An ambient journey to the inner reaches of the sound modulation. Weird rhythms that remind to Craig Leon, blended with synth sequences close to the kosmische Berlin School and experimental guitars giving an organic touch. An LP of experimental minimal electronics with ambient traces. A cyclical cloud that renovates de orography of places already explored by artists such as Dieter Moebius, Steve Hauschild, Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, Harmonia...

Mecánica Clásica is a new project bound by members of some of the most interesting electronic projects in Spain, such as Güiro Meets Russia and Polígono Hindú Astral, altogether with the restless experimentation of Negro or Mental Signals.

“Trippy! Definitely 'classic' electronic synth music, but with a modern edge.” - Colin Potter
Cat. number: ABST 009
Year: 2019

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