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Best of 2018
Volatil - excerpt 1
Volatil - excerpt 2

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Best of 2018


Volatil (Lp)

Label: Standard In-Fi

Format: LP

In stock

**150 copies copies, Silkscreen printed thick folder cover with stamped label** Faune is a duo featuring Guilhem Lacroux (Toad, La Baracande, Tanz Mein Herz) on guitar and lapsteel as well as Jacques Puech (Jericho, Duo Puech-Gourdon ...) on voice, bagpipes, shruti box and glass harmonica. The traditional themes they play are solely taken from the Cantal territory (Auvergne), a very rich and diversified area in terms of musical heritage. Both musicians here aim for a minimal approach, using their amps only to generate the lowest, most haunting melodies and drone possible, thus enabling a very rich and variation-full breeding ground for the voice (sung in French and Occitan). Recorded on their first live appearance, this session is, in all it's fragility, a beautiful document where both musicians are captured in full devotion to the Music.
Cat. number: STD FI 12
Year: 2018