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Best of 2018
A Une Gorge - excerpt 1
A Une Gorge - excerpt 2
A Une Gorge - excerpt 3
Best of 2018

Orgue Agnès

A Une Gorge (Lp)

Label: Standard In-Fi

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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**300 copies, offset printed covers** First album of the french trio composed of Sourdure, Elg and Clément Vercelletto, as well as a new snapshot of an extended family that is doing so much at the moment to enrich the French musical landscape. A collective of musicians spanning central and southern French regions including Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes and Limousin, with a self-appointed mission to refresh French folk music and the instruments associated with it, irrigating traditional songs via experimental channels and the lessons of minimalism, combined with pounding overtones and repetitive pulsing rhythms (reminiscent of the early collaborations between Faust and Tony Conrad). Loud straight and trance-inducing.. Theirs is the opposite of some kind of terroir approach, a preserving in aspic of regional styles, in spite of the fact they draw on repertoires accumulated by 20th-century collectors

This is dance music and this music dances.
We rub the music. We get rubbed. We get knee-deep in the music. We hang on it.
Dancing is a form of reflection – a form of listening. Our bodies reflect off of the music.
The music bounces and pings and pongs all around us.
The music is not inside us.
It is all around us and we grab it with our arching bodies - « a great ball of hot stuff » and we throw it
around. And it throws us around. It is soft and wild.
We dance outside of ourselves like laughter. What a dream.
« This is electric. »
A groove is light and subtractive space. It makes more space than it takes up.
And that space is for anything.
A Une Gorge is a dancehall.
This is reflective music and this music reflects.
When we talk about reflection we are not talking about contemplation, that is something else
altogether. Reflection happens between things, right there on the surface.
It bounces around- always moving.
Sunlight bounces off a window and blinds us.
Reflection is bouncing and dancing.
« And now I am free. I can hardly see in front of me »
This is electrified ping-pong music. This music pings and pongs.
Ping-pong balls are commonly used in experimental piano music.
They are chancey things. And they are cheap; you can buy a wack of them for next to nothin’.
Orgue Agnès bounces in loose time and dances and reflects. It is reflective bouncing dance music.
With little effort - or little to no intention – ping-pong balls set off a derive of small detailed sounds.
They are lit alive - light and lighthearted.
They jump for joy. I am talking about Orgue Agnès and ping-pong balls. 
A lot of A Une Gorge sounds like it was made with electrifc ping-pong balls bouncing inside of a throat or
a mouth.
A mouth-full of electricity.
A throat (like a mouth) is a filter.
« wah wah woah wow-wah. »
A mouth-throat is a wah. Une gorge is a dancehall.
Orgue Agnès A Une Gorge and this music sounds like it was made inside of one.
As strange and wonderful as it sounds.
Eric Chenaux

Cat. number: STD FI 23
Year: 2018

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