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Circle Line - excerpt 1
Circle Line - excerpt 2
Circle Line - excerpt 3
Circle Line - excerpt 4

Colin Potter, Keith Rowe, Phil Mouldycliff, R.P.M.

Circle Line

Label: ICR

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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A very peculiar journey... Circle Line initially started life as a graphic score created by Phil Mouldycliff as a piece to be played by Keith Rowe in 1989. Over a period of twelve years this open form composition developed to the point where by 2002 an opportunity arose to make a recording of the work at IC Studio in Preston, using ambient recordings taken from Circle Line Tube stations made specifically for the project by Phil and Colin Potter. Keith effectively solos over the assemble tape collage of sounds from the Underground, starting and finishing with material collected at Edgeware Road. Given that a full circuit of the Line takes upwards of fifty minutes, the individual stations are grouped together to create workable sections delineated by geographical boundaries. Since making the recording the work has been performed live by Rowe, Potter and Mouldycliff on a number of occasions.

Cat. number: ICR 90
Year: 2019

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