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Phil Mouldycliff, Colin Potter

Austral Soundscapes

Label: ICR

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

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A double CD loosely following on from their ‘Trajectories’ release. This is further work from the recordings about a trip Phil Mouldycliff and Colin Potter made to Australiato play some music at the Horizon Planetarium in Perth. A piece of music to 'accompany a simulated trip through the universe created by Carley Tilet using SkyScan in the 18metre full-dome project space'. 'Universal' makes up fifty-two minutes of the first disc. On the second disc one finds two further pieces, 'Auspex Australis' by Potter and Mouldycliff, which features wildlife recordings they made during the visit and 'Two Lakes' by the same duo and David Carson, who invited them to Australia in 2009. 'Universal' is a very drone like experience, a much smoother affair than the Ora disc (but then surely a decade passed between both pieces) and one can easily see how such music will fit anything that involves images from the cosmos. This is perfect deep space music. It's not the bouncing arpeggios of Tangerine Dream and that lot, but a trip into the darker edges of the cosmos via unearthly dark rumble, and without a moment of stasis; everything seems to be a constant slow move. This space ship moves gently through space, but it never stops. It takes full-scale pictures of intergalactic happenings. And sometimes it seems that there is a full on orchestra at play here. It is a ringing beauty; I can imagine this was an overwhelming experience. The wildlife is very well preserved on the 'Auspex Australis' piece, although it is hard to tell which animals were captured on tape. The treatments by Potter and Mouldycliff are sparse and add more colouring to the piece than it does to transform them. It makes this quite an open piece of music, compared to the dark drones on the other disc. It even has a shimmer of melody here and there. The other piece is about Donald Campbell, the guy who broke speed records on land and water in 1964. In 1967 he died trying to set another attempt, as Coniston Water. Apparently a mutual interest for Mouldycliff and Carson, and 'Two Lakes' contains recordings from Lake Eyre and Lake Dumbleyung, where Campbell raced in the sixties. The piece starts quite dark and remote but slowly unfolds into a beautiful piece of drone music, including water and bird sounds. It has a very tranquil meandering this piece and seemingly it has very little to do with racing. Maybe we should see it as a memorial piece of music? I am never a fan of racing so I rather hear nature like this: quiet. Excellent music, all around."

Frans de Waard

Cat. number: ICR 85 AB
Year: 2016