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File under: Tape MusicCosmic

Fumio Miyashita

Live on the Boffomundo Show (Lp)

Label: Drag City

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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By October 1979, Aaron Weiner and Ron Curtiss had produced a handful of Boffomundo Shows at Los Angeles' first public access television studio at Theta Cable in Santa Monica. Joined by eventual partner Tony Harrington of All Ears Records, The All Ears Boffomundo Show was born!

Tony Harrington introduced legendary synthesizer master, Fumio Miyashita, founder of The Far East Family Band (space-rockers considered to be Japan's first prog band!), to the show and the rest is history. Fumio brought multiple keyboards, percussion and incidental sundries to a studio the size of a small garage. Somehow, the staff of Theta Cable Studios managed to capture all the sound Fumio pumped through a 12" bookshelf speaker by resting a single microphone on a wooden stool in front of it.

A video excerpt from two different performances by Fumio on The Boffomundo Show, showcases Miyashita\'s incredible electronic stylings that sound light-years ahead of anything else coming out around that time, foreshadowing an entire generation of synth-niks and drone heads alike. Imagine discovering this performance while flipping through your cable channels and landing on a public access program as wild as The Boffomundo Show!

File under: Tape MusicCosmic
Cat. number: DC677
Year: 2017

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