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Mark Lorenz Kysela

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Label: Gruenrekorder

Format: CD

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Mark Lorenz Kysela plays contemporary music for a instrumental soloist, sound extensions and tapes. An artist on various saxophones and clarinet. Performs as a soloist, in combination with (live-) electronic or analogue enhancements and tapes. Mark Lorenz Kysela presents six completely different pieces: artistic individual positions focusing on the radical nature of musical language, on shaping and on the soloist. Christoph Ogiermann, 'Druckblöcke und Zeichenakkumulationen BCC' for saxophone, light, video, tape (2002), stereo radio version (Bcc) (2011), Thomas Stiegler 'Treibgut VI' for soprano saxophone and tape (2012). Martin Schüttler 'schöner leben 7' for saxophones and elektronics (2011). Michael Maierhof 'splitting 13' for alto saxophone with vibratory system and tape (2010. Alvin Lucier, 'In memoriam Jon Higgins' for clarinet and pure wave oscillator (1985). Uwe Rasch 'aus vierundzwanzig: drei' for soprano saxophone and tape (2010).

Cat. number: Gruen 120
Year: 2013
Genre: Electronic