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Charlemagne Palestine

Shlongo!!! DaLUVdrone


Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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CDr edition by the Cortical label itself, budget reissue: long out of print, pure drone nektar by the early Minimalist Charlemagne Palestine who created his composition Shlongo!!!daLUVdrone by inserting pieces of folded paper between the organ keys in order to create sustained resonant over-tones. Palestine's notes from the Beyond the Pink festival program further elucidate this technique, "a continuous vibrating herd of organ pipes in big resonant cathedral was the basic premise for meditative sound environments that was to become the spectral continuum that was to become search for the golden sound that was to become Shlongo. I began my investigation pipe by pipe creating sonorities putting small folded paper nuggets between the keys a continuous sound object starting with a fundamental then a perfect fifth then the octave above and gradually building enormous sonorities over several hours with tens then hundreds and then thousands of overtones interacting with the beats creating a rhythmic fabric of overwhelming complexity. Like the smooth glassy surface of a body of water, Shlongo!!!daLUVdrone appears deceptively simple at first; a continuous drone the waves unceasing throughout. But as the listener becomes fully immersed into its aural depths, strange shifts and subtle nuances of sound become readily more apparent. A great sea of sound moves in gradual currents until one is swept away. VERY FEW COPIES AVAILABLE
Cat. number: organ of Corti 23
Year: 2000

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