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Le Forte Four

Boris The Spider/Priceless


Format: CD + Vinyl 7\'\'

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

This edit of Le-Forte Four is wedged between their former incarnation as The Patients and their debut LP that was put together in the electronic music studio at Cal Arts in 1974. Edited by Rick Potts in 1973. All the references made in their debut Bikini Tennis Shoes LP, from Speed Racer to Zappa to Looneytoons to the Moog, is very clearly foretold in the 'Boris The Spider/Priceless' edit. Includes Extended Grunge and Arguments From The Patients reworking of The Who's 'Boris The Spider' that was later submitted to the Norwegian Electronic Music Festival and rejected. First time available. The release includes: a 7" repro of the very rare Slimey Adenoid and the Pablums 'The Residents' b/w Joe Potts 'Mother Daughter', CD of Le Forte Four Boris The Spider/Priceless. Hand numbered edition of 700 copies.
Cat. number: CORTI 028
Year: 2001

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