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LAFMS - Los Angeles Free Music Society

The lowest form of music -


Format: 10-CDs

Genre: Experimental

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Long out of print huge box, The Los Angeles Free Music Society was a complete screwball fringe music collective that peaked in the true heart of darkness -- America in the mid 70s. They self-released LPs, 7"s and cassettes in the dawn before real independent distribution and the myth that surrounds those sacred pressings has in recent years become feverish. Mixing pure sonic weirdness, musique concrete, free improv blare, fringe-noise-nonsense and much more, the musicians involved with LAFMS created a unique bounty of individualistic art. This unbelievable box of 10 CDs, which took a number of years to finally assemble, creates an awesome overview of this inspired, largely ignored scene. Features music by Le Forte Four, The Doo Dooettes, Airway, Tom Recchion, Rick Potts, Dennis Duck, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Chip Chapman, Monique et Aviv, John Duncan and CV Massage, and more. Comes with a stunning 36 page booklet of full color photographs, 60 page book of extensive notes by the many contributors, a full color poster depicting all the original releases; all encased in a sturdy, letter-pressed chipboard box.
Cat. number: RRR CD 17
Year: 2004

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